PR Appliation

2010.05.24 - started gathering documents
2010.08.13 - sent off PR package to CPC-M (Canada Post Xpresspost)
2010.08.16 - Canada Post tracking says "Item successfully delivered"
2010.08.25 - dug through the CIC website and found the following info... I guess we can expect to receive the acknowledgement of receipt letter sometime around end of Sept / beginning of Oct, and (assuming we didn't mess up) the immigration visa sometime between Jan and April of 2011.



2010.09.21 - CIC's 'check my status' page now says "Sponsorship Application Status: Decision made". (logged in with the receipt number and suke's info)

2010.09.23 - Received a letter from CIC stating that suke has "met the requirements for eligibility as a sponsor" and that gumi's application for PR has been "forwarded to the Visa Office in Tokyo for further processing." The letter was dated Sept 13th. *If* ours gets processed as quickly as a friend of ours, we expect gumi to receive a passport request letter by late October, and then her visa by late November. Fingers crossed!

2010.09.28 - Checked the CIC website and found the "Permanent Residence Application Status" changed from Not Available (see screenshot for 09.21) to In Process. Clicking on the link tells me that they've "started processing gumi's application on September 23, 2010."

2011.01.17 - Gumi received an email (in English) from the Canadian embassy in Tokyo, requesting her to send in her passport. It also had her File Number, with which we can now log into the CIC website. The site says they "started processing your application on September 23, 2010." There were no changes to the status when we log in with suke's info/Client ID Number: still the same "started... on Sep 23".
Her passport was mailed off the next day through Japan Post with the options Sokutatsu and Ippan Kakitome.

2011.01.2x (don't remember the exact date) - Gumi received her passport back, with her visa affixed to it. Hurray!